What is 44CLASH?

44CLASH is an “in-club” annual yoyo competition launched and organized by Japanese Yoyo players since 2008.
Its goal is to conduct yoyo competitions in a more relaxed environment and promote fun and enjoyment within a contest setting.
Since its debut two years ago, 44CLASH has been rapidly gaining popularity and attention worldwide as the world’s “first ever club held yoyo contest.”
From 44CLASH in 2009, we had welcomed oversea players from more than 15 countries.

How to enjoy 44CLASH

We would like to welcome anyone who loves yo-yoing regardless of the skill level, gender, or age.
The 44CLASH fans and supporters are not only the Japanese yoyo players.
The event attracts beginners, enthusiasts, professional demonstrators and world renowned yoyo players from other countries!
Join the tournament, watch world class yoyo performances, share or learn new tricks, be reunited with old acquaintances or friends while enjoying a drink or two! 44CLASH stage events also include launching of pre-release yoyo’s and collaborations with famous apparel brands.

44CLASH and Club

When we choose the venue for 44CLASH, we stick to choosing from either clubs or live houses. This is because we consider 44CLASH as a yoyo event that the audience and players should mingle and enjoy the music and each other’s company.
We guarantee that the locations we choose have the best environment with organized stages, illumination and sound equipment.

Come and Join us in 44CLASH

Our aim is to organize an enjoyable and fruitful event for all yoyo players and guests. And to share the fun of yo-yoing not only within Japan but with yoyoers all over the world.
So please come and join us!!

History of 44CLASH